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    Elgordo67 here in Columbus, Ohio. I am going to build a fat tire bike with a gas motor. YAY! I ordered the bike, and plan on this being a project over this winter. I am pretty stoked about this and ready to dig in and learn., This is the bike, a Mongoose Dolomite 7 speed, Uh -OH, I already see a motor clearance problem!
    Mongose Dolomite 7 speed.jpg

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    Welcome aboard.

    You'll have fun.

    I've considered a motorized fat bike. But I've wondered if engine chain clearing the tire and the chainstay and seatstay would be a problem.

    When you build your bike, giving us some good photos of that area from multiple angles would be appreciated.

    But if it can be done, then that'd be a fine winter bike.
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    I am in the process of motorizing a mongoose beast, It is the single speed version of the dolomite. It can be done. TOMTRULY has a pretty nice setup for the single speed. Check out some of his posts. I am modifying my frame to get the motor to sit where I want it, but it isn't necessary. I would have went with the dolomite myself, if I would have known about it. The dual disc brakes are a much better setup than the coaster brake that I will have to deal with. You will need some kind of jackshaft to offset your drive chain, my offset is 1 1/2" to line up with left side sprocket. You should consider a shift kit to drive right side cassette. Your frame is very tight, and it will be challenging. You also might consider different frame options. KCVALE has done a nice bike using a sunchaser frame. I will be glad to assist in anyway that I can... GOODLUCK
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    Post pictures as you get it built.
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    I might also mention I have several years experience welding and fabricating and access to CNC and laser cutters/machine tools. I would really like to use the HF 6.5 horse Predator and a rack mounted tank. I Appreciate the warm welcome and look forward to this site, the people, and this project. THANKS!
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    a predator 212 isn't going to fit in there without essentially cutting the frame completely apart and rebuilding it entirely. Dolomites are tight with any engine, all the way down to the 48cc 2 strokes. You'll probably need to adjust the seat tube length, top tube height and angle, make a curved downtube, and possibly have to change the head tube angle. You say you've got fabrication skills and that's all well and good, but how much experience do you have with bicycle frame geometry?

    I'm not trying to discourage you, if your vision is anything like mine that's going to be a killer bike. I'm just saying you should check up on what effects different geometry changes have before you end up with a fast bike that handles like junk.
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    A picture is worth a thousand words...this fat tire bike is on the local Craigslist.


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    Butre, I don't know a thing about bicycle geometry, except for some terminology, like rake, whee base, sweep, over/under corrected steering and some personal preferences about riding posture. If you have any reference sites, i would appreciate. Perhaps we could implant the middle portion of an old schwin cruiser to allow room for a motor. The forks and rear triangle are important because of the fat tires, or we could just use one of those sun crushers I saw in Kcvales postings. I like fenders and want to try those too.
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    Greeting Gordo,

    I would highly recommend using the search on this Forum - AMAZING Info there.

    Looking at the shot that MBP sent, the motor is offset to allow for chain clearance on the wheel. Ran into a minor issue with the frame I had with just 2.125's. Really curious about how far that is off center and potential problems with peddling to start? :-/

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    image.jpg Well, this project is off to a great start!!! I ordered one Mongoose Dolomite and had 2 delivered!
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    Well hell. That works don't it. :devilish:
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    Still doing research, I REALLY like KCVALE's electric one. Working on getting fenders from Big O Manufacturing at the moment. IMG_0681.jpg
  15. KCvale

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    Hi Gordo, welcome.
    What a score on the bike, two for the price of one!

    You really don't want to try to direct drive with the disc brake and 7-speed.
    A 66cc slant head (with the head rotated 180 the so plug is in front) should just fit centered if you use a shift kit and make your own offset carb intake.

    It is much more work and money but should make for a kick ass ride.
    As you seen I went electric on my Dolomite but that was ~$1500 just for battery, charger and electric motor kit, but you can gleen some insight to what is involved.

    If I were to do a stroke on it I'd start with the SBP HD shift kit, it has the good freewheel.

    There is a form for ordering, the 2 important selections are the BB Adapters and seat post diameter.
    Seat post diameter is 1.25" (32mm).
    You don't need the BB adapters, the BB is threaded but not very far in, but that's OK as it's not a cartridge shaft, just bearings and screw in cups.
    You will want to get a crank removale tool if you don't have one however.

    The frames BB is 110mm wide. Thankfully sickbikes now carries them, I had to fashion my own on the electric.

    The front tube is 1.8" (45.6mm) wide so you will need a new front mount as well.

    Select the 1 3/4 to 1 7/8 bracket with 1.6" stud spacing unless you have the one odd engine with a wider front.
    You can orient the bracket to bend up and forward for the best grip.


    You might as well grab a NGK BPR6HIX spark plug while you are spending money, it's a colder weather plug.

    And don't forget the dual pull brake lever.

    That will get you started on the right path, or at least what I'd start with ;-}
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    BTW, I contacted the seller, which was Academy, and let them know they accidentally sent 2 bikes instead of one, we will see what their response is. WOW The dual pull brake lever, never knew these existed! Thanks, ordering tonight, I can see these are totally worth while. Fullscreen capture 192015 80709 PM.jpg
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    Uh Oh, this motor showed up today! IMG_0708.jpg IMG_0710.jpg
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    OK , well from all (most) accounts, this is too big to put on a bicycle and vibrates too much, So i will save this for a trike. I don't have any problems with electric, and like the bolt on motors, but I really wanted to go with a 4 cycle engine! Got the bike, a rack mount 3/4 gallon gas tank, the double brake lever, I need a throttle, and a conversion to a non grip shift gear shifter (old Shimano Dear head :evilgrin: in stock) and some frame welding to do. and a jack shaft kit, do they have a front freewheel or do I need a clutch and all that?
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    Gordo - Did you ever finish your Dolomite?