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    Hi guys !.I never knew there was a forum for motorized bikers.I have had my bike for about 5yrs and I am not surprised I have not been pulled over by the police yet.There are too!!! many laws here in N.Y.Its so bad here that if you drive with your wipers on and your Headlights off ,you can get a ticket for that.I have a viper motorized set up ,and have been happy with it.My top speed is about 20mph and of course I always want more speed.

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    welcome aboard.

    It's kinda strange; even though the police surely could write us tickets for riding an unregistered moped, (In most states, anyway) they don't seem to be interested in it.

    We'd argue that it's not actually a moped, of course. But there's no gaurantee who would win.

    But it all seems to be working out for us.
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    Yeah, I hear you.I have lights a Helmit and I try to at least look Legal so if I do come across Police .We have a Cell phone law in N.Y. when you are driving ,and believe me ,The Police could write up a ton of tickets if they wanted to.I really like the PK 80 set up,but I am afraid I would stick out a little more with it.
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    Has anyone gotten a ticket riding the pk80type engines ?.I am looking to upgrade, but I am nervous.