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    Hopefully someone with make this a sticky in the top of the forum. Here is what I have learned in the first week of owning and using a motored bike.

    1) Get a good motor kit for your first bike kit. Expect to buy more than just the kit. Think I put at least $300 to $400 into it, to make it relatively safe to use. Including bike from walmart, engine kit, better size sprocket/chain for hills, front wheel hub brake and pull lever, bike shop labor, motor bike experienced geek labor.

    2) Buy some NON-SKID tape that is typically used on wood or metal stairs to keep your footing. Use it underneith the tank mount, and under the chain tentioner mount. Will keep those from shifting in any way once tightened.

    3) Buy a ball bearing chain tensioner. It just makes sense.

    4) Read more on the forums about safety tips. Including lighting, and maybe waving flags. Still not sure what is best for visability, while still having some style.

    5) make sure you install kevlar puncture strips, and a great tire tube. then put goop in the tires. You do not need to have a flat tire ever, for any reason. If you take maximum precautions.

    will think of other tips as I use the bike more. Please comment on these ideas.

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    Believe this is already stickied somewhere???