not a nice story but its about riding a bicycle

good story. i jsut cant even fathem how much of a loser that cop is. i would so sue him for everything he's got, the department, and his stupid partner.

i hate cops because they live to harass!!!

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Growing up skateboarding and basically getting in trouble, I have to say I feel the same. I wish I didn't, but too much of what I've experienced since becoming a "productive" member of society has, to a certain extent, cemented my views.
My fear of police started when I was 16...drinking, anger , belligerence, speeding, civil disobedience etc. Now that I'm older and don't do most of those things anymore, I still fear police because face it, you go before a judge, who's he going to believe you or his enforcer of the law? D**n skippy!!How about the old man in New Orleans the cops beatstupid, the cops were exonerated yet millions of people saw it on national tv and overzealous prosecutors who ruin lives and kill innocent people, happens too often for me to feel all that safe...