NV laws?


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Jun 8, 2008
I've searched but I couldn't find much.

I found this page - http://www.dmvnv.com/motorcycle.htm

It seems on first glance that Nevada treats motor assisted bicycles like mopeds but I'm not sure. Everything mentioned seems to be about mopeds which don't have to be peddle powered.

I've emailed DMV but have not gotten a response.

I am moving to Reno next month and with the price of gas I plan on buying a Titan for my bike. If I have to I will install lights, horn . . . but I'd rather not.

Anyone in Nevada riding a motor assisted bicycle?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I thought I would share with everyone the reply I got from Nevada DMV.

Good morning,

Any motorized vehicle which does not have the normal safety equipment such as lights and mirrors or is not built to federal vehicle standards is an off-highway vehicle and is restricted to off-road use only.

Your motorized bicycle would need the brake, turn, headlights, mirrors. You would not be required to wear a helmet. Because it is a motorized vehicle you would be required to have a class C license. The class C license is a standard license which allows you to drive vehicles on Nevada roads.

If I can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to e-mail me back.


Lea Lescher

DMV Technician II

Central Services Division

For more information or to obtain DMV forms, please visit our website at www.dmvnv.com or, you may contact a DMV representative by calling:

775-684-4368 for the Carson City / Washoe county area,

702-486-4368 for the Clark county area or

877-368-7828 for all other areas.

Our Phone Service hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday.

Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles

Central Services Division

555 Wright Way

Carson City, NV 89711 Fax: 775-684-4992
Thanks for the info I live in dayton. I was just going to ride with a head light and tail light and hope I was ok. Let me know what you come up with for turn signals,break lights and mirrior.
i have been riding my bike for about a month now, back and forward to my in-laws in las vegas, i leave the car parked there and take it the rest of the way down to the strip. I hardly seen anyone at night as i work the graveyard shift and set out about 2.30 am, however the trip home is around noon and by them streets are busy.

it takes me about 30-4- Min's from the in laws to the outskirts of vegas, i have been passed by several police cars and they haven't even glanced at me yet, just remember to pedal when you are riding and watch your speed.

i have a set of indicator lights on my bike, they came from the UK as a gift and where designed for bikes so i got lucky there. My front lights i pulled of my mountain bike which i have owned for acouple of years, with this power supply 14 volts, i intend to power the lights, a motor scooter horn, and a rear brake light.

Since starting this project a week or so ago their is a wealth of info about setting up a 12 volt battery system in the forum. Once you start messing around with the wires components etc you realize how easy it is to do, just requires a bit of time and patience.

spend wisely and you can easily get a 12 volt system set up to legal specs for around $50-75.
i just noticed that you plan on getting the titan i myself have a gebe setup, the problem with both of these is they sit over the rear wheel which takes away the perfect area to setup the 12 volt battery, i was lucky and am able to power my setup using my battery which sits in the water bottle cage.

Its hard to disguise all the components and makes the bike start to look like a monster of sorts, however search around the scooter websites and you can find plenty of parts that look pretty cool and can be fitted easily for our needs.

just a quick example a pair of electric scooter brakes work perfectly a rear brake light, and there's plenty of switchs that can be used for to turn on and off indicator lights attached to the rear of the bike..
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i have 2 knog bar end turn signals that you can kind of see in the day. A head light that runs off the white wire and a super bright led for the tail. The only thing I don't have the brake light. The thing is I don't ride around at night being that most street speed limits are 45 in Vegas and I would be looking to be run over. Haven't been pulled over yet
Well touch wood so far i havnt, although i dont have as much time as i used too to ride my bike for recreation.

My buddy borrowed my friction kit to get back and fourth from the strip to work, hes been riding it for about 6 months now and hasnt been bothered by the cops at all, any time he sees a cop he just turns the engine off.

I still have to finish the electric rig for him but he likes the friction drive so much hes in no hurry to switch over. The cops around here have way too much on there hands i think, to worry about our bikes and as long as you obey the laws of the road i dont think they will give us too much hassle.

They did change the law last year however classiflying motorized bicycles as mopeds......
nv laws

Thanks for the info I live in dayton. I was just going to ride with a head light and tail light and hope I was ok. Let me know what you come up with for turn signals,break lights and mirrior.

i live in laughlin, pulled over clocked at 29 mph. metro did not question about light or turn signals, mirrors. to be safe on the road buy front and rear lights and mirror. I rode mine with out a mirror, i felt unsafe. as for turn signals I do the old fahion hand signals. iam the show me guy. I have not seen what this guy talking about show me in black & white other wise dont sweet it:cool: