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Jun 5, 2008
New on line, rather, old Person, new on line: 71
I've wanted a Whizzer ever since I was a Boy Scout and Whizzer advertised in Boy's Life magazine. Well, gone yesterday, but here today. Going for a test ride tomorrow with Mike Simpson in Sacramento. Taking my Grandson with me to look at a moped that Mike does not want to sell.

Looking forward to some great adventures. Allah willing, I dream of riding north to BC and exploring Vacouver Island, maybe next year. Working part time at our local ACE hardware and loving it. Going camping this fall at Grover Hot Springs State Park.

That's what I do; used to sail, but now I camp, hike, cook and eat and am blessed to have daughters with families living nearby; one close enough for a round trip on my Charger electric bike, but I need a Whizzer to visit with my youngest.

This is a great web site. Everyone seems to have something interesting and helpful to contribute. I look forward to sharing.

Victor Tulbure
Rocklin, CA


Jan 6, 2008
Welcome. We're so glad you found your way here. We have lots of whizzer folks who will be glad to chat, help and assist you in any way. Again, welcome aboard.