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Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by cmb271, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. cmb271

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    So here's my basic issue, my bike doesn't like to idle properly, the only way for it to come to a stop and idle is when the choke is on, it'll only go with the choke off and alittle throttle but when I idle with the choke off it dies unless I play with the throttle, but if I play to much with the throttle the automatic clutch starts smoking, so all i need is it to idle properly without choke without the clutch burning to dust.

    P.S. the carb bowl has a small leak but isn't major, I just turn the fuel valve off when I'm not using it, I don't know if this is causing it.

    its a simple 49cc 4 stroke set up

  2. dougsr.874

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    If its an HS or Honda engine then check out the idle jet which is just in front of the idle screw...I found that the idle jet is impossible to clean....I bought new ones from Honda, but they are expensive...about $12. for a tiny bit of plastic.
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    It's an HS engine, I'm also having the issue where the pulley for the transmission is coming loose, the bolt that holds it in comes loose I think because the clutch is always semi-engaged
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    What gearbox do you have????
  5. cmb271

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    I believe the term is T drive transmission, I have rear wheel coaster brakes which also could be causing an issue with the large pulley but I may be wrong.
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    That idle jet is a black plastic jet that sits under the idle adjuster that's black plastic also.
  7. Paul E.

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    or could be a vaccuum leak somewhere in the carb/AF assembly. IF you live near sea level and haven't modified the carb, and the carb hasn't sat long enough to gum up from old gas. #my2ct
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    Has anyone usedWalbro series WYJ carburetor on a Huasheng 49cc engine. I have just purchased an adjustable H124C carburetor and it's driving me nuts trying to adjust it! The Walbro unit looks like it mates up directly according to one guy on this site and it looks like a great addition for performance, function and tuning.

    Walbro WYJ Rotary Valve Carb.jpg

    Thanks in advance!

    Jimmy H.
  9. Paul E.

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    Very interested to learn how this turns out, J-Ham! I dislike the stock carb as well..