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    As is required here I'm introducing myself... All done ! I'm actually here as I have recently stumbled upon the motopeds website and have been deeply interested ( before I buy one of course) if these would be street legal and the procedures for leg alley registering and/or operating one within Chicago, Illinois and the immediate city suburbs. Seems like every town has it's own interpretation on the law. I would like to know if anyone operating an under 50cc pedal bicycle in Chicago has a definite legal answer to this ? I see a lot of people in Pa have this issue of not being allowed to register due to lack of MSO. I'm wondering if this will be the same case in Illinois? Thanks and nice to meet everyone! :)

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    Welcome to the forum. I am not familiar with Illinois law. BlueGoatWoods is. I did see a couple of motorized bicycles on the Chi-town streets when I visited last summer. I don't think they had license plates.
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    Thanks! Well from my research between the Secretary of State website and a bicycle advocate lawyer , I came up with ANYTHING that has a motor whether it be gas or electric, and with or without pedals MUST be titled, plated and insured to operate legally within Illinois. I also looked at the FAQ section of Motopeds.com and someone asked the question if it will come with a VIN to which they replied " Yes it will come with a VIN". Someone also asked since they bought one last year with no vin would they send him a vin, no response. I guess they are now putting VINS on their frames which would only make sense from a legality standpoint for registering. So the answer is YES FOR ILLINOIS that you must register any motor assisted bicycle.