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    Hello All.
    First off Thank You to all the advise I have got here seems like a great bunch of People here. I hope to order My first 66/80cc HT kit in about a week I'll be order an upgrade stud/bolt kit at same time and using the stock 44t sprocket.
    Should I also order a gasket set or will old gaskets be ok after stud replacment? And while motor is torn apart should I be doing/looking for any thing els? saftey and reliabilaty are first on list.
    I have gleened a lot of tips here and plan on incorporating a few. such as leather strips on motor mounts rubber fin dampners locktight on bike and motor I want a quiet ride:eek:

    Bike will be a huffy cranbrook witch has a coaster brake so I will be installing some sort of side pull front and back does any one recomend keeping coaster brake for like an e-brake or just loosing altogather?

    P.S. I will be order My kit from one of the site sponcers only so if Anyone has a recomendation I'd like to here from You


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    Gratz on your first build! As for your questions... I would go ahead and get a gasket set, or two, if you are going to be changing out the head studs. The base gasket doesn't survive the removal of the cylinder in my experience, and you don't want air leaks. I'd also keep the coaster brake, even if you are going to be installing rim clamp brakes on the front and back. You'll never regret having a spare brake. While you have the motor apart, check for the little pins that keep the rings from rotating on the piston, I have heard sometimes they are missing. When you put the motor back together, be sure everything is very clean.

    In my experience, the rag joint sprocket mount is the hardest thing to do. In my case, I ended up getting a set of the neoprene gasket things that were not cut evenly, and had to cut up a pair of old jeans to get the sprocket evenly mounted. Sometime when I have a few bucks I will order a new rag joint set from dax, hopefully it will be evenly cut.

    Good luck!

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    that's nice to hear

    that's nice to hear
    these are the ones who will be answering questions if needed

    if you would -- please check Vendor Reviews

    have fun when you get one and are enjoying the ride on that MB thing