DIY Motorized bike kit w/o coaster brake


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Jan 11, 2020
Dear Fellow Members-Does anyone know of a steel frame DIY 2 stroke motorized bike kit that does not have the coaster brake and adjoined coaster brake plate? I had to bend an offset into the coaster brake plate of my stolen Grubbee 48cc and would like to avoid this. Of course, I will be installing caliper brakes fore and aft anyway. Am trying to save some build time by trying to find a free wheel complete steel frame motobike kit, but maybe this just isn't made. I just know that the steel frame coaster brake bike frame is the best way to go with a motorized bike. Thanx for any input-Gearhead222
For what it's worth, I haven't seen any complete kits with bike and motor that I would ever be happy with.

I have what I call a tutorial posting I made sometime back to build a decent strongly built bike that has been the best one I have built yet and it all starts with a good strong steel frame beach cruiser.

Here is the link below and also follow the links in the link to follow along...It is what I built, how I built it and where to get all the parts you will need to do it...This is just my 2 cents worth, but I have a well built reliable motorised bike as an end result...It now has 2000 miles on it over the course of three years now.

And here are some pics of the bike as it appears right now, not including the new improved seat I put on it about six months ago which also has a link within the aforementioned


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The coaster brake is bad even if you don't have the intention to use it. You can accidentally hit it and cause issues, a d it can seize up. It is easy enough to remove, if you need incan walk you through step by step
Thanx Damien1307. 13 years ago, I discovered the hard way that the stock bike chain is crap and the 2 bolt rigid idler assemblies need more adjusting than the spring loaded T assembly, when it's coupled to the right spring tension-Gearhead437