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    Jaguar Performance CDIs for sale : $20 off
    This is the new and improved version of the first aftermarket CDI available for this engine. It was developed with the help of my CDI tester (that shows spark timing at different RPM) and my 55cc Grubee engine.
    1) timing adjustable for anything from a stock engine to a highly modified one. Setting the timing right allows the most power for an extended RPM range.
    2) extra spark strength which improves engine power due to more consistent firing and a faster flame speed.
    3) self adjusts for air temperature changes since engines like more timing retard with higher temps
    4) requires motorcycle ignition coil (I recommend a KX65 coil on EBay)
    5) reduces engine vibration since the stock CDI timing is too advanced at high RPM
    6) more reliable than the stock CDI
    7) looks cool

    You can buy it online with anything other than a MasterCard at CCnow (my business name with them is BioElectric which is my main biz) or PayPal (as a gift since otherwise I have no seller protection).

    Shipping takes at least 10 days since it comes from South America where I am.

    Here is a comparison graph of timing curves:

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    In using an earlier model Jaguar CDI on my Grubee motorbike along with a rear view camera recorder/digital mirror there was a problem. Electromagnetic interference would lock up the computer of the digital device and/or cause a scrambled screen. Eventually the "E prom" flash drive programming corrupted and the device would no longer work. Perhaps you could suggest a mod or build a suppressor in the CDI to allow the use of computer like safety devices on a motorized bike. I have a lighter half aluminum bike with the Jaguar CDI that is 4 mph faster than a all steel bike with OEM ignition. I assumed it was the weight difference causing the speed to also change; but perhaps a swap of the ignition systems would give credit to the CDI device.
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    It is the high voltage coil causing the interference. Wrap some sheet steel around it or locate it farther from your electronics.
    You could also try using a resistor type spark plug such as the iridium that Sick Bike Parts sells. Get the number 8.
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    When someone buys my combination of CDI and high voltage coil the coil included is the best I've found for the money. In my tests this coil has the highest power output which means it gives the hottest spark. The hotter the spark, the better the engine power. This is a proven fact.