petrol tank for schwinn chopper

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  1. Albatross77

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    Ok haven't posted in a while.. made some mounts and welded and and smoothed it all off ready for 2pac paint, have manic mechanic sprocket mounted. Exhaust is sorted.. The tank is the only thing holding me back now need some ideas :idea:

    Was thinking 2 small tanks clipped onto sides of top bar and make a fibreglass casing, but lately been thinkin just a barrel over the back wheel on a rack would be cool and might not look so much like a motorbike.

    Anyways sorry if this has been asked before but any ideas on petrol tanks for schwinn choppers appreciated...

    Couldn't bring myself to put the crapulent chinese tank on my beast

    pics up soon:cheers2:

  2. motorpsycho

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    there are a lot of options, you just have to get creative. it all depends on your skill level. you can make a tank or modify an existing one.
    the chinese kit tanks look terrible on the o.c.c. choppers.
  3. got an idea

    I see the smallish stainless oxygen bottles at estate sales all the time. I bet if you strapped one on the back it would look very cool. It even has a valve . You might need a vent or weld a stainless top on with a gas cap.
  4. Porkchop

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    Oxygen bottles might not be such a bad idea. As far as looks for a lot of different bikes anyway. I just looked on eBay and saw them as cheap as $12.00. Dosen't seem like it would be to difficult to fabricate a filler spout and/or vent for one.
  5. Albatross77

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    cool i'll have a look
  6. Cavi Mike

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    Keep your eyes out for a BMI peanut tank. They don't make them anymore but I found one on eBay a couple weeks ago. It really looks like it was made for the Schwinn Chopper, it's unbelievable.