Pine river wisconsin - sunday 6/2/13

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    Annual Pine River chicken BBQ ..... Everyone welcome ..... Park at the Golden Nugget and ride one block North over the bridge to the site of the BBQ ..... Meet up after lunch (you'll see the other bikes) for a beautiful scenic ride through the wooded countyside on nearly deserted roads ...... You'll see stuff you ain't never seen before and maybe we'll even stop at a couple of local taverns .....

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    Wow, you joined in Dec 2007 so congrats on your first post. :)

    Google maps and actual addresses are great so people know where to find you.
    More info and pics.......

    Are you on motorized bikes or bicycles?

    What is the deal with your name? WARNING
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    mwarning New Member Warnings in Southern California?

    Everybody in Wisconsin knows where Pine River is! And yes its motorized bikes-

    See you there on Sunday, brother!