PK kit, wont start..again... (electrical wiring)

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  1. enforcer505

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    i have tired hooking this up and no start. can someone walk me through the hook ups again? engine has black, blue and white. module has black and blue and kill switch has black and yellow. i want to make sure its hooked up right. the manual says green wire, but i dont have one. so please all the help is needed and thanks in advance. forgot to say its a powerking kit.


  2. BSA

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    Leave the white wire. Connect all the the blacks to the blacks, and connect the other wires together. If you want to use the white wire for a light, do a search on white wire lighting.

  3. fastboy9

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    1. Plug the engines blue to the modules blue.
    2. Plug the engines black to the modules black.
    3. Now you should have the blue wires connected up, the black wire from the kill switch needs to be put into this connector as well so it is part of the circuit.
    4. The yellow wire on the kill switch now needs to be attached to something metal on the frame, this is so that when the kill switch button is pressed it short circuits and cuts the engine.

    The white wire is just there for a light if you want it (personally I think its more trouble than its worth). Just to get the engine working, I wouldnt bother wiring up the kill switch yet. And instead of using that method of killing the engine try this (it stops your magneto from breaking.)

    Hope this helps, I know its hard to get your head round wiring instructions, I'm the same! Its best to look at some pictures in the gallery of how it should look.

  4. enforcer505

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    oh thanks i will try it! :)
  5. fastboy9

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    Heres a pic of what I mean by putting the black kill switch wire into the connector.
    Hope this is a bit clearer. The colours aren't important as they are all different. Just as long as one wire on the killswitch is in the engines circuit, and the other is grounding it.

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