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Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by iHarvey, May 3, 2009.

  1. iHarvey

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    so i got a 70cc dax that is my first so far. im planning on pulling a lot more power/torque than i have with the basics. so im now at a point where im gonna have to get some parts build up the top end.

    in my sights now is a slant head to raise the compression. (i run 89oct currently so i could see a benefit)

    my big plan is letting this gal breathe and fart better.

    check the science:
    scsw tuned pipe mated with an 18mm mikuni & custom manifold
    new cylinder (looking to see if any one is better) and port

    im planning on doing a boost bottle for now cause im planning my reed valve.

    so any thought from the engine gurus is appreciated.

    reason: cause i have endless empty roads

  2. 350zdrftr

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    I too am in search for power here is my future mod list , you should switch to 87 octane
    Better carb
    Boost bottle and shorten the intake provided
    Cone filter setup
    Remove baffle from exhaust
    I want to find a way to advance the timing
  3. iHarvey

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    alright more thinking going on here.

    my dax has rectangular ports and no webbing (cool)
    the scsw pipes flange is not rectangular so unless they will match my port size on the fange all the way to the expansion im hit. (side note: matching the port to flange needs to carry all the way to the expansion tank or a small venturi effect will happen making the expansion tank useless do to)

    unless the cross sectional area of the flange and pipe match the cross sectional of the exhaust port. does anyone have a scsw pipe they can measure the ID on? (this means i wont need a rectangular manifold and can use round pipe with a transition grinded at the flange) better idea being that flowing air travels in a helix.