Please help me find the perfect bike for a GEBE.


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Jul 13, 2008
First of all let me say that people on here have been incredibly helpful and I appreciate everything you have done to help me "get motored".
I have finally made up my mind with regard to which engine kit I am going to go with (a GEBE rack mount Tanaka 40cc engine with a Tanaka perfomance (pipe and carb) and velocity rim) now all I need is a bike to put it on.
I have been searching craigslist but it's difficult to find a bike to suit all of my needs and then make the trip over only to find out it won't fit the kit.
I am 6'2"tall and fluctuate in weight between 200 and 210lbs. I would also like something in a hardtail mountain bike but with decent front shocks and if possible, a front disc brake (rear disc optional).
If anyone could suggest some options for me, I'd appreciate it.
Ideally I'd like to stay under $300.00

Thanks again,
not quite sure but if I had it do do over again I would get a Full Suspention Bike

you can get a brand new mongoose blackcomb for that price.

it's full suspension, reasonably light and member kawasaki999 has already proved that it works fine with the GEBE while retaining the rear disc.

drop by a Walmart and check one out.

Perfect tires are Serfas Drifter. get slimed tubes and a plastic tube protector liner thingy.
Hit up your local bike shops for some close outs deals on older models. I think a lot of shops offer free maintenance service for the first year, also see if you can get fitted for proper sizing if they offer it, I think most do. Trek 820 and 3700, Gary Fisher Mako, Tarpon and Advance are examples that might fit into your price range.

Target has a bike called the Forge Sawback that has good components and fork for it's price. I think you may only be able to order online though.

I wouldn't give up completely on used bikes either. Have you thought about putting up a "wanted" ad on Craigslist? You could specify your needs and make them come to you, (in theory!).
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