Porting and channeling "hack"

Wevil Knievel

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Apr 5, 2021
Ive come a cross something I have never seen anyone else suggest, talk about, make a video of or even hint at when channeling and porting your lower case area.

Use a chamfering pencil! It shaves that case like it aint a joke!!

It shaves the metal off in ribbons so there is no dust flying everywhere. Its 10 times faster 100 times quieter and...

Check this out I did this in about 2 minutes... you can see some of the shavings that are still laying in the bottom of this old case I kept around for experimentation.

I'm not kidding you guys. You will never not do it again.

Of course you will also need your files and little Grinders and what have you to help finish the job but for the bulk of the material this is the way to get it off quick and evenly for the most part.

If anybody else gives this a try, chime in and say something about what you think.

Ride on brothers...


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