POWER PIPE. Hand built and tuned from scrap

So after making the header pipe 28mm ID over the 25mm ID. I have not noticed much. But what I did notice is that I made my stinger 12mm ID and 150mm in length. It ran worse. could only reach 41mph. So I cut it off at 75mm where the ID of the stinger is 15mm. Thats when it ran like a bat out of hell. hit 45mph. My bike is just its own breed I guess. the pipe runs best with a vey short stinger.
playing around with the pipe length to see if I cant squeeze somthin more out of her. took off 1inch from the bottom of the first cone. Then took off 1.5inches from the start of the second cone

so pipe went from 32.5 inches overall (from flange to the start of stinger.)To 30in. overall. maybe the shortness will give me more top end. we will see tomarrow
so increasing my header dia really killed the power I had. so im going back to 25mm. I also lost my powerband completly so im going to add 1 1/2 inches back onto the first cone. I wil leave the 2nd cone short like it is
Didnt have time to switch the header yet. But I did add 2.5 inches to the first cone which gives it a length of 18inches. I also opted to change the shape of the pipe. its now a fat belly, Jog hybrid
i like them. havnt really got
t to use them at all with all the
problems the bike has been having. today one of the thread holes on the exhaust port fricken split in half. I gotta find a way to make it work cause im not doing another cylinder. way to much time