*Project* "Operation Tight Squeeze" 13.5" DJ



So I bought a kit a while ago and was having a blast cruising around on the bike, did a bit over 2000k's in 2 months until, disaster...


All was not lost however and a plan for the rebirth was hatched.
Things did not really go as planned and a decent quality frame that would fit most of my existing components was proving quite elusive.

So with enthusiasm that could only be inspired by my desperation to ride again I started thinking that maybe I really could fit the motor into my old dirtjump bike. The very small Norco Sasquatch frame does not lend itself well to the prospect with oversized and tapered top and down tubes plus chain clearance issues conspiring against me.

In spite of all this I am still going to give it a bloody good try, I really hope it can be made to work now, I think it will look seriously cool and be very very strong. Lord help any kamikaze motorists that leap in front of this thing, you could set a bomb off under it pick it up from where it landed 50 metres away and ride off.

I'm off to the shed to formulate a plan of attack but heres a little something to keep you going until then, the aforementioned bike...


Obviously real estate is in very short supply on this bike but it would seem that it is possible to get it in there with some "persuasion".

Just to give you an idea of how small this frame is.


290mm (~11.5in) from the top of the BB to the underside of the top tube, there wasn't a lot of room left on the Giant and it was 420mm (~16.5in).

Immediate problems...

It doesn't fit - Serious lack of space in this frame, even with the rear mount and studs removed I can't quite maneuver it into position. Very obvious that I can't use the threaded holes in the front mount anymore, in fact half of the front mount will have to be ground off before it even gets in the frame.

No brakes - This could be an issue, has a rear disc that will have to come off to fit the sprocket, luckily the frame has threads for mounting V-brake posts. Front will be an 8" disc with probably a mechanical caliper, bars are crowded enough without a master cylinder as well, need to hunt around for an adaptor that puts the caliper in the right spot.

Sprocket alignment - Hard to say for certain without a mounted motor but I can see from the measurements that the sprocket needs to come out from the wheel, pretty straight forward but fiddly to get the rubber the right thickness and the sprocket straight again.

Chain clearance - Chain stays curve in quite a bit towards the BB, tensioner should hopefully hold the chain up out of the way, tensioner will need to be modified to run straight.

Exhaust - Needs to be modified to fit around the frame, it is still mangled up anyway so I will have to redo the flange plate and first 2" of pipe, it has a big ding in it from being driven back into the frame and mount but this should actually help with clearance around the engine mount.

Carb and intake - Not a hope in hell of fitting inside the frame, will need to fabricate an intake that mounts the carb out to the side.

Should be enough to keep me occupied for a while, enough procrastination time to get back in the shed.
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Not a fan of hotlinked images? No worries I'll make em clickable links from now on.

So I finally got the v-brake mounts extricated from the old frame, bloody hell those suckers were in there good, ran a tap through the Sassy frame to clear out the paint and make it easier. Need to shorten the rear cable section slightly and lengthen the front section.

Nothing sternly says "cooperate mofo" like a grinding wheel and soon enough it did.



Need to put the motor in first and then screw the studs in for the rear mount, they just barely fit around the tube, dig into the paint as they thread in its so tight.

Looks like I was pretty close on the rear sprocket measurements, needs to come outwards about 3-5mm.

A plan is forming for the front mount but there will be no further progress on this today. I have filled in all the hollow section and whats left of the threads with Devcon, when this dries I can finish up the mounting.
that's leaning really far forward. Ive only heard of problems if it's too far backwards, but let us know how it goes!
thanks for catching on...you know you're welcome to use our pic feature if you want to display them onboard, right? either way works for us, great posts :)

i'd expect no problem on the engine angle so long as the carby's level, but i'm guessing you knew that...very nice work!! 8)
iRide Customs said:
Are you going to have to make a new intake manifold for it? Looks WAY COOL so far!


Thanks bud, yeah it definately needs a new intake manifold, the carb will have to stick out the side to clear the frame.

The lean is fine you just have to watch out for chain to rear mount clearance.

Got a bit more time this morning so I started on the sprocket and front mount.

Used 2 8mm thick rubber steam pipe gaskets to get the right clearance, trimmed off around the line.


Straightening the sprocket, they run so much smoother when you take the time to get it right.


Drilling the mount.


Tapped the holes to M6 x 1.0. You can see the filled in mount


A bit more shaping and another test fitting.


Now the rear sprocket is lined up I put the string line on it and worked out the front of the motor needs to go to right about 2mm so although the plate looks off it will come together at the end.

Bracket mocked up, setting the angle to match the taper of the tube.


Making the other half of the mount.


All finished with a squirt of black to neaten it up, notice the built up areas so the bolts clamp down properly.


Ground out the mount then 10mm thick rubberised foam on everything and tightened it all up.


Rear brake is working. Serviced the arms, new pads, shortened rear cable section and lengthened front half.

Moved the clutch arm to tuck it in more.


some very nice work there dude 8)
man, it must be nice to have access to the right machines :eek:
me n vinnie do all our stuff with an electric drill and a dremel :LOL:

I like the as-I-go pics, but you could upload those pics here, it would save leaving n coming back all the time
azkronic said:
some very nice work there dude 8)
man, it must be nice to have access to the right machines :eek:
me n vinnie do all our stuff with an electric drill and a dremel :LOL:

Thanks, it definately helps having a decent shed setup but I'm always surprised at what people with a dremel and some patience can produce.

Cut off the wrecked part of the exhaust and knocked up a new flange plate.

Made the port slightly oversized and the pipe fit nicely.

Makes it so easy to weld.

Bolted the little stub to the engine and cut the pipe off until the exhaust cleared everything.

Tucked in nicely