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    Okay, here is my question? It seems motor size for gas bicycles in california is no longer relavent. It applies mainly to HorsePower, am I correct here?

    Also, if your gas bike cannot hit past 30 MPH it is considered non motorized, is that correct as well?

    So like, if I got a 66cc Gas Bike and it can only get to 29mph, then I should be okay by current California laws, right?
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    I would use the bicycle's serial as the VIN and the engine should also have it's own number.
    you must have an M1 or M2 to operate a motorized bicycle, but do not have to have an M1 or M2 to register the bike.

    your 66cc bike that does 29mph would still need an M1 or M2

    A "motorized bicycle" or "moped" is:
    • A two or three-wheeled device, capable of no more than 30 mph on level ground, and equipped with:

      - Fully operative pedals for human propulsion.
      - A motor producing less than two gross brake horsepower and an automatic transmission.
      - An electric motor, with or without pedals for human propulsion. (CVC §406(a))
    Driver must have a motorcycle license (M1 or M2).
    • A "motorized bicycle" is also defined as a vehicle with pedals and an electric motor (not more than 1,000 watts) which cannot be driven at speeds of more than 20 mph on level ground even if assisted by human power. (CVC §406(b)).
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    You don't need a M1 or M2 to complete the DMV Registration Form 230 but there is a place on the form that ask for a Drivers License or I.D. card number.
    Note the motorized bicycle laws quoted above are outdated. CVC 406(a) has increased maximum horsepower to less than four (4) brake horsepower. Also the second part CVC 406(b) as it pertains to electric bicycles is gone. The new Electric bicycle laws can be found in CVC 312.5 which took effect the beginning of this year.
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    My understanding is a license is not required as far as an M1 or M2 if the bike cannot pass 30mph and has less than 4 hp. It is thus not considered motorized, am I mistaken here? The law changed when they switched from motor size to basing it on HP instead as well as maximum speed.
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    Unfortunately Slick you are mistaken. You still need an M2 to legally operate a motorized bicycle/moped (one and the same in Cali). A M1 endorsement will do it too. You're also required to have insurance.
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    I am planning to buy this x-treme CABO Cruiser Electric Bike

    Which is classified as Electric Bike and No License required to drive in CALIFORNIA and No registration required.

    Can you please tell me whether is this correct or do you know is there any CA DMV office or any department where i can get this confirmed.

    Please Advise me.
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    Yes you are correct it is technically a class 2 electric bicycle under California's new ebike law cvc312.5, provided you keep the optional pedals attached and functional. Stay clear of the DMV, they have no clue (or jurisdiction) over BICYCLES. I would suggest you keep copies of the new laws handy though when riding because you ARE going to get pulled over and possibly cited because it looks so much like a moped/scooter. You may want to swing by your local Police Department for clarification however don't be surprised if you get a different answer, as they may not even know how to interpret the new laws and base their response to you simply on appearence. Some Leo may even confuse it with California scooter law cvc407.5 which actually pertains to motorized "stand up" style push scooters which DO require a valid drivers licence to operate. Just prepare yourself to be in constant defense mode should you choose to go that route.
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