Rasta motorized bike for sale

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  1. Rasta motorized bicycle for sale. Has Honda 50cc engine (less then 200 miles) with GRUBEE gearbox and 44 tooth sprocket. Has an upgraded coaster brake and back wheel. Fully functioning headlight and flashing tail light. They run off a back up alarm battery that is in a waterproof container in the crate. Comes with a PVC surf board rack that easily slides right into the frame. Runs amazing. You won't be disappointed. $650 obo. Accept paypal, money orders and checks. Please contact me if you would like to see any more pics.

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    Hey man like where is da bike at??
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    OMG!!! wish i had $650.
    That is one sick *** bike though, like the rasta look, u really pulled it off.
  4. Saint Augustine, Florida.
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  5. Thanks for the compliment eleseur.
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