For Sale Rear mount kit

When I made my original for sale post with the big list of stuff I did forget that I have a rear mount motor kit I'm not sure what brand it is it says Mitsubishi on it but I don't even know if Mitsubishi makes Little motors like that so I don't know I got it from a friend of mine it runs great it's friction drive but it needs the friction wheel replaced the wheel that that guy put on there seems to eat tires and rather quickly at that but it starts first pull it runs strong it's good on gas. I just to be honest don't like rear mount kits I don't like the way they look on bikes and it wouldn't work on either of my bikes like I have the gas frame bike and then my other bike has 26x4-in tires on it so it's definitely not going to work on there so somebody's into rear mounts this is like a weird thing it's like I've never seen one like this before I mean it looks like other rear mount kits I've seen but I've never seen one Marked Mitsubishi or anything like that
Might be something cool and quirky for somebody that's into rear mounts or friction drives PM me if you want some details if you want pictures I'll try to post some pictures when I get home I have to take a couple and I have to dig it out I wouldn't even know what to charge for it so make an offer cash trade whatever...


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Oct 18, 2022
It's red the one that I have and it doesn't have a Mitsubishi like sticker on it it's like stamped like in a weird spot like on the underneath but it's essentially the same thing as that when I get home I'll shoot you a text I'll take some pictures and stuff and I'll send them to you in a text mine also has like the gas tank like built on to it I don't know if the tank on that is aftermarket or whatever
How much you asking for that motor? that make work out better for my wife's bike


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May 26, 2008
Looks like a Dimension Edge kit with few mods. Is there a sticker or laser cut on the U-channel IDing it as such? After looking at pics again it is a DE kit.