For Sale Zeda100 firestorm and a WC85 expansion chamber that goes with it FOR SALE.


Hey guys I've got a zeda100 firestorm and a WC85 expansion chamber that goes with it and it's never been started. I've got it mounted on the bike but that's as far as I've got.

It's got Duluth cycle black decals on the covers and the white out line you see on the clutch cover the outline CFH "COWBOYS FROM HELL"You can take it off if you with and if you so happen to been a Pantera fan leave it I've also got the firestorm decal that come with it.

I bought it as a kit but got it scattered to hell and back so I can guarantee it will all be there if whomever would like to purchase it if you could make a list of what's in the kit I could make sure it's in the package. I'm new to all of this and I'm not as familiar with it. Price is $160 right to you Thanks for looking. Price drop $130 shipped.0

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