For Sale Need a bike for build ?, I have one FOR SALE.

I'm looking for a complete bike to build. I've bought the same bike twice and both times I get only about 2 miles and the coaster brake just gets destroyed. The jerk who sold me the bike was just taking my money and my time that I worked at his house. Working at his house took money out of my pocket because I took time off of my second job. Sorry got off track I just need a reliable bike. Need help!!!!!!!
I have the perfect bike to add a gas motor to. It has 26" rims and is complete with the smaller down tubes for a frame. It's in great shape everything works. I bought it to install a motor but I have another one so I saw your add and thought I could help you out. I live in Austin TX my name is Mark just Private Message me for my phone number...I would estimate the bike to be worth around $150 negotiable.
I deleted the phone number for your own protection because that is how scammers and spammers get personal info on you through openly publishing that information out in the open like that...Save that kind of info for the PM's, (Private Messenger service we have here on the forum).

I had a friend that recently published his phone number on some sort of forum or social media site...It didn't stop ringing day or night, all scam and spam phone calls...He had to change his phone number.