Need a bike for build ?, I have one FOR SALE.

I have the perfect bike to add a gas motor to. It has 26" rims and is complete with the smaller down tubes for a frame. It's in great shape everything works. I bought it to install a motor but I have another one so I saw your add and thought I could help you out. I live in Austin TX my name is Mark just Private Message me for my phoone number...I would estimate the bike to be worth around $150 negotiable.
The person you tried to contact hasn't been here since 2018, 6 years ago, I also moved this to a thread of its own after you posted this onto a thread that had long since expired.

That thread is now locked.

I also deleted your phone number from the open forum to protect YOU from scammers and spammers that regularly go through open world wide forums looking to glean all sorts of personal information and then bombard you with spam and scam phone calls day and night...If people want further information from you on selling your bike, they can contact you using our PM, Private Mail system.