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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by iRide Customs, May 10, 2007.

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    How difficult is it to get the cyl. off of a 48cc round head? <--I know that's the easy part

    What is involved it getting the rings back into the cyl.?

    I am asking because I'd like to paint the cyl. Should I just be lazy and leave the cyl. on the engine and mask everything else off?

    Thanks for your help.


  2. gone_fishin

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    it's the perfect excuse to get rid of a base-gasket that's gonna crap-out anyway :)

    slide jug up until you can see wristpin through the skirt, use needle nose to remove retainers and disassemble the wrist pin, take piston off with/inside jug.

    if you remove the piston from the jug for whatever reason, see this:

    reassembly...reverse, use permatex high-temp RTV instead of a gasket on base. apply to the bottom of jug and not block for a cleaner job.
  3. steve2

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    Disclaimer: I have not disassembled one of these engines but have rebuilt car engines.
    You can usually rent or borrow ring compressors at auto part stores. If you have AutoZone nearby they will loan it for free but you will have to put a security deposit. Ring compressors are easy to use but I recommend you look online for a tutorial on how to use one. In spite of the ease of using a ring compressor, there is always the potential for problems when disassemblying an engine and some parts, such as gaskets, require replacement. you might be better off masking the assembled engine and painting. I plan on painting my engine and that is what I will do.
    Whatever you do good luck!
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    Augidog, if you replace the head gasket, should also replace the mounting studs? Is there a gasket coating, such as Permatex Copper gasket spray, that will survive the temperatures the gasket will see?

    (iRide Customs: Sorry for using your post to ask these questions but I couldn't pass up the opportunity. - steve2)
  5. gone_fishin

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    i suspect, barring physical damage, that i'll never have to replace the head-gasket. i don't use any sealer on it either, no leaks to date.

    on my 70cc (bought from dax), the headbolts are heavy duty, if you feel that whatever you have should be bolstered, pre-start is the best time.

    the cylinder-base gasket, however, has to go, it will anyway. just use your favorite high-temp RTV and it'll last a good long time, long as you keep an eye on headbolt torque.
  6. iRide Customs

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    You read my mind augie. That is what I thought I might do if the masking doesn't work.

  7. Hugemoth

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    Pulling the cylinder off and getting it back on is a piece of cake. Just make sure the ring end gap is over the locating pins, the squeeze the rings with your fingers and slide the cylinder over the piston, one ring at a time.

  8. azvinnie

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    have done this twice, first time was really simple, it just slid right in. second time was a pain, plus l broke two rings, im just lucky to have extras. mask it up, and shoot it........ 8)