Repair to 2-Stroke Flying Horse Magneto Loop Coil

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by dinoseer, Mar 2, 2010.

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    After installing a 66cc Flying Horse on my Service Bicycle, the Motor ran good for two days and then quit. After reading and reading some more - testing both the CDI and Magneto, I came to the conclusion that the Magneto was no longer delivering Voltage to the CDI and Spark Plug. I tried unsuccessfully to contact Bikeberry Motors to try and warranty the bad Magneto, but Bikeberry never replied once, so I took matters into my own hands. I found after removing the Magneto Loop that the little copper wire soldered at the Top of the Winding/Coil had come loose. Also found that the White Wire had damaged insulation and may have been contributing to no juice. I did away with the White Wire altogether and replaced the Blue Hot Wire with a new 10 guage Wire.

    Photos are here: . I hope this helps someone else with similar issues. It took a bit of reading here on this AWESOME FORUM, which helped immensely in troubleshooting and repairing the Magneto Loop Coil.

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    How did you check the CDI? Every one says to change it, if the problem is fixed, then that was the problem! no body has posted a CDI diagnoses yet. (ohm readings) for the CDI.
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    B.B. su<ks!!! I have a DIY bike & engine kit (MICARGI M50 + Flying Horse 66/80cc) Nothing but problems!!!! They contacted me back with my conserns on this set up. And they said "it takes some mechanical knolage to build " a bike like this. I've been a mechanic for 20 years! F0<k B.B.!!!!!!!!!!!!! Slap me in the face will you!
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    mag loop

    I called bb on the air gap for the mag loop they could not give me the specs on it. I took a shot in the dark on this. I used a busines card for this. IT worked. does any know what the air gap is, for 49cc fh motor. i agree with you on bbsu from laughlin Ed
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    Dan if you do some searching there are several posts that give the readings for a cdi as well as magneto coil with a multimeter. I had to find this info some time back when I first built.