Exhaust replacment gasket?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by miketaco, May 9, 2015.

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    got the bolts out...(the double bolt method was simple and not so scary they kind of seemed like they wanted out)

    now my problem is can i get the make ur own gasket maker at autozone and make my own or just order one online .__. it got all effed up when i pulled back the muffler
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  2. The_Aleman

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    From my long experience with the 2-strokes (and early 4-strokes) I have found the best exhaust gasket to be:

    any metallized heat-riser gasket for an early VW Bug. Like this here @ 59 cents

    Napa sells these (just tell em you need a heat riser gasket for single port pre-'70 Bug engine) or order them cheap online!

    These gaskets are perfect for any chinagirl 2-strokes or the HS/Titan/GXH50 4-strokes. Anything with same bolt spacing.

    Edit: another way to go if you need an exhaust gasket real bad is to just make it out of a beer or soda can. I have done this and it does work!
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    ty for input was very useful...

    i have napa(out in the boonies) but ordered a cheapy from ebay but next time will do bro looks good... i have just an 80cc china doll

    i was stankin about the soda can but i can wait... saw someone used for head gasket or sum was nuts..

    hope my intake don't shred when i take it apart...
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  4. The_Aleman

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    Naw man, a chinagirl aint that complicated. a doubled-up can slice will work great for an exhaust gasket, intake gasket, too.
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    sweet man good to know a quick fix
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    Heh, you know one time I busted my front mounts on a chinagirl and I was a long way from home,

    I was near an Ace Hardware tho and i bought a couple big hose clamps.

    I hoseclamped the base of that chinagirl jug to the bike frame with 2 of those hose clamps and it never moved again!

    Til I replaced it anyway lol
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    damn we got our self here a regular china bike macgyver here...good stuff bro

    doing a quick fix only the fly and pulling it off is always brownie points
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    For an exhaust gasket....fold alum. foil several times and punch the holes in it ...will last forever
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    thanks for input...good side note for a stronger on the fly gasket
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    There is no limit to the way you can work up an effective exhaust on these little HT motors. I am not even gonna tell you what I've done - but I will brag that it works great!

    I attended a local bike night and I did a big inspection of a very raw and wide open Harley (no way I would ever venture into a Harley store). A big part of the support for the exhaust came from SPRINGS that hooked directly onto the engine block.

    I don't see why this wouldn't work withe the HT. Put a nice copper fitting over the exhaust port, make a stainless steel bracket to hold it tight, then attach springs from the jug to hold it all in place. No limit to what you could do!
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