riding vid's of my completed indiain't boardtracker

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by icyuod2, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. icyuod2

    icyuod2 Member

    film crew of one. :) and my video editing skills.... well they suck.
    i had a great time none the less.
    besides, ya don't wanna miss out seeing me wear my goofy helmet. :)

    oh yeah, don't forget to tie your shoe laces. :)

    second vid complete with real moto sounds. :)
    the tinny sound is the chain ocasionaly hitting the rear fender.(just alittle rubbin) i'll remove alittle more of it to fix the problem.

    the parking lot is right across the street from my home. i only need to ride 40feet on city roads to get there. (which is totally illegal here in ontario without a dot helmet,license and insurance)

    i feel lucky to have a place to ride.


  2. mattysids

    mattysids Member

    hahahahahaha the helmet and the cigarette are priceless

    what engine are you running?
  3. icyuod2

    icyuod2 Member

    what engine? ha ha ha i wish i knew. lol
    there was no company name on any of the boxes or instructions.(they wouldn't want ya to be able to send it back.lol)
    just an 80cc chinese p.o.s. :) (i think the broken english instructions gave that away.lol)
    it has been reliable thus far. starts real easy and runs like a top.