Rims, I need help with rim selection.



I have decided to lace in my own wheels but am at a loss as to what kind.

26x2.00(125kg max load) will be used and I may go a bit larger in the future, 2.35 maybe. Rim width for bike tires confuses me because so many wheels seem so narrow.

I need a 32 hole for the front and 36 hole for the rear. I have a good used Specialized 32 hole front hub that takes sealed bearings (cartridge I guess it's called), these sealed bearings are easily avalible and will be replaced.
Rear wheel will be 4X laced with 12ga spokes (.105").
Front wheel will be laced 4X with 14ga spokes.

The bicycle has V-brakes so I want welded, machined wheels or even ceramic coated for better braking in the damp/wet. Yes, the pads will have to be replaced if we can find ceramic at a reasonable cost. Ceramic never make that grinding sound(iirc) like aluminum sided wheels do when bits of alloy get caught in the pad.
A trailer will be pulled so I'm thinking a 36 hole rear wheel that might do on a tandem. Silver is the preferred color.

Thanks for reading and any direction/help is appreciated.
i can't help ya with the wheel stuff, but i gotta say i like the new avatar 8)
When you search Google all day to learn about wheels you just kinda bump into stuff like that keno Avatar. I like that one member's What Me Worry. :D

I did find 2, 32h Mavic X517 that are near new...they were up in the garage rafters. No kidding! I had forgotten about them and some 700 wheels. So that will do the front OK. The 'X' means it is hard anodized and this offers better/quieter breaking.

I just need a 36h silver to match the front. I think that inorder to fit 12 gauge spokes, one has to drill the wheels. Gotta couple of toll free numbers to call in the am. Considering a Mavic F519 for the rear. I may not go 12 gauge but just 4X 14 gauge and wire 'n solder all the spokes. Pics will be taken/posted of this build.

I want to get that junk bike I saw at the charity bike shop. It has a Honda engine on a large gearcase of unknown condition.
This is the rear hub Staton rackmounts use. The right side is a rt hand thread for the freewheel and the left side is lt hand thread for the chain drive 16~20 tooth freewheeling drive sproket.. Remember, these ppl build gas powered wheelbarrows. :eek: :D

I could not find freeware to resize the bmp pictars, so here's the link. :eek: Prolly loose 1mph until the seals break in. :) If I get that junk bike the rear hub will be rebearinged and a new 7 speed freewheel used inplace of my 8 speed casset. That can be done I'm sure.

I love Mavic rims ........I've got Mavic ksyrium elite on my GRR I wouldn't even trade them for carbons
Niether of those will resize bmp type pics. I linked Staton hub's page up above if you wish to see an industrial strength rear hub. Prolly a better hub and much prettyer is the Phil Woods jobs for 3 times as much. I'm going to offer on George's old bike in the am buddy. Then part it out. I really think I can get it.

I might be tempted to just get two F519 Mavic wheels at $55 each. A tank of gas is $65 now. :eek:

I sure miss Froogle.
Ol' Pete said:
I might be tempted to just get two F519 Mavic wheels at $55 each. A tank of gas is $65 now. :eek:

I sure miss Froogle.

hell I just filled up my 85 1 ton 4x4 chevy both tanks 35 gals. 111.00 hell I damn near bought a motor :censored:
Pete, Thats a heckova hub. Top notch but too rich for my pocket. Hope you get ole Georges bike. BTW he knew Ali when he was Cassius Clay. You might open with that piece of info

I convert bmp by opening with MS PAINT and saving as jpeg

But I believe this will resize bmp I've downloaded but not used