Rode in to work again, 20 miles, computer working

Discussion in 'Travelling, Commuting & Safety' started by Warner, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Warner

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    I rode my bike to work again today. Here are the statistics off my bike computer (which wasn’t working last time I rode in):

    Trip Distance – 19.74 miles

    Trip Time – 41:44

    Average Speed – 28.32 mph

    Max Speed – 37.26

    I didn’t ride on ANY bike paths this time….motored all the way! Ha-Ha!


    PS - I had to slow down for a group of 3 raccoons that were crossing the street a couple miles from my house.....still dark out at the time. I must have gotten too close the last guy across the road because he stopped and turned towards me like he was ready to fight! Haha....yikes!
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  2. s_beaudry

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    Raccoons are scary animals...

    But, I do not think a coon can run at 37.26 miles per hour

    You are safe I am pretty sure
  3. Warner

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    True, but I definitely don't want one to run IN FRONT of me when I'm going 37.26 miles per hour! Haha!

  4. s_beaudry

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    If I could ask, where did you get the computer from? I am a nut for any kind of information like that.

    What kind of info doea it show you?
  5. Warner

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    I'm glad you asked, because it will give me the opportunity to speak about the great customer service I got from the company. My computer (which cost me all of $20) give me total miles, trip miles, average speed, max speed, time, speed relative to average speed (an arrow that points up if you are going faster than your average speed, and down if you are going slower than the average speed). There's probably some other things it does, too. I know that you can also set it up for 2 different bikes (wheel sizes must be programmed in, so if you had two bikes it would be difficult (or at least not fun) to reprogram it for different sizes. My computer is made by Sigma and it's model number 1106 (mine is wired...I believe they make a wireless version as well, but I've heard reports of motorized bikes sometimes having problems working with wireless units because of electrical interference). Anyway...back to the customer service I got. The unit started off working great. Then all of a sudden one day started failing. I tried adjusting the pickup and spoke magnet any which way I could to no avail. I called them after thinking I had troubleshot it down to the spoke magnet piece. Without me proving when or where or ANYTHING about me purchasing it (I simply called them on the phone), they mailed me a new spoke magnet for free that came in the mail in a couple of days. (they are a local company - within 20 miles or so from my house). Well, that didn't fix it so I called back again. They then sent me (again, free of charge and no request for a receipt or anything!) a new mounting base (which includes the pickup wire, etc). I got it the day after I called! Cool! THAT fixed my problem! It felt different when I clipped the computer into the obviously something was wrong with the base that I had.....and if I were a betting man I MIGHT blame one of my kids for messing with it....but who knows what happened. The important thing is that it's working great again and I have the highest praise for the customer service!

  6. ozzyu812

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    Great customer service is EVERYTHING! What is the manufacturer? You every detail but that.:roll:
  7. Warner

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    It's in there, my friend....Sigma. My model is 1106.

  8. ozzyu812

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    Sorry, I must have been suffering from temporary blindness.:cool: Read over it 2x last night.:roll:
  9. uncle_punk13

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    That is awesome! Good customer service is everything to me. I'll pay a littloe extra if the service is good, rather than try to save a buck and get rude or indifferent service.
    Great to hear you have had a great experience. Oh, and watch those coons, they can be almost as nasty as possums... :)