Running into a few problems installing robin/subaru kit.


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Jun 21, 2008
First off im happy to of found this forum and hopefully it will give me a bit of advice to end the frustration im experiencing.

Ive got a Trek 7.3FX and im having some issues installing the rack mounted engine. On the back of the bike the piece that extends from the rack to just under the seat does not go on properly because the engine cannot be bolted on at a better angle. Also when installing the drive ring (thing that attaches to the spokes) i had to put about a 5 washers on the non gear side so that it would stop from rubbing on the frame. Also now that ive done that when i rack mount the engine the tyre rubs on the bolts holding the rack.

Are trek 7.3fx bikes just really badly suited for this? can anyone suggest a bike i can buy at walmart that would better suit the job.
Nice walmart cruiser

There is a nice looking orange cruiser that would probably fit.
Look it up online and they can deliver it for free to any walmart in 10 days or less. Its only 100.
The unit really does not fit though. How do i stop the tyre or frame rubbing against the rack mounted parts?
Reading back thru I see that you have a GEBE unit and the drive ring is what is hitting. For that I think you may need to widen the axle space a little to give more room on the side. I have never installed this unit so cannot answer too well, and without trying things I would not know. The bike you have is a 700 cm city bike design and a cruiser or mountain bike with 26 inch wheels might be needed to get enough clearance.
Ah yes i have a 700c wheel size. I might go and get a cheapy bike just to get this working - Im doing this project mostly for interest to see if i could use it back home. aka only in Canada for another 5 months
It lives

The only problem is that the back brakes need tightning due to my modifications and the bar thats supposed to be the 3rd part of the rack just doesnt work with my trek - rode 20k around town though and it seems pretty sturdy
official public warning & disclaimer

i can't get yer pic to load, BUT if i read right and you have no torsion strap installed, DO NOT operate that vehicle...if the system suddenly rotates backwards towards the ground, it'll pull the throttle open as it does, major meltdown then...

please clarify.

here's a solution that can be applied to any (non-rear-suspension) frame:
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