Schwindian Nasty Special

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  1. nastymotors

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    Here's the project I have going. My inspiration comes from an 1908 Indian Torpedo (pictured Below). I love the old boardtrack motorcycle look and I'm hoping to somewhat pull it off. I'm working on a similar seat post design which is in the works hence the sissy bar. Also looking for a similar round silo tank to use. Any ideas?

    Just waiting for a few parts in the mail and this thing will be up and running!


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  2. mean lean

    mean lean Member

    nice hand style on the tank!
  3. nastymotors

    nastymotors New Member

    Got the seat post made and installed. I used an old stem and welded up a sleeve and piping. Came out great. Almost done!

  4. suspect

    suspect Member

    that looks great, im looking for solutions to mount my seat further back and this is def along the right lines, im looking forward to your next pix.
  5. motorpsycho

    motorpsycho Active Member

    that's pretty cool lookin' so far.
    maybe you could use an old fire extinguisher for the torpedo tank ?
  6. coax1ogsking

    coax1ogsking New Member


    Awesome bike, man! I like everything about it! :cool2:
  7. nastymotors

    nastymotors New Member

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm so close to being done! I'll make sure to get completed pics when it's ready. I'll also take some other pictures of the bike for now!
  8. wership

    wership New Member

    I found an old mister, like the one that killed Brando in the Godfather. If you weld up the end caps it ends up being a 3'' tube...