schwinn meridian rear left rim damaged

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by jkizer, May 28, 2016.

  1. jkizer

    jkizer New Member

    Hello all, i have a Schwinn Meridian with a damaged rear left rim that needs to be replaced, does anyone know where i can purchase this rim from, i have search everywhere on the internet but came up empty.
    Thank you in advance

  2. Timbone

    Timbone Active Member

    My suggestion: go to a real bicycle shop and buy one of those generic steel wheels they sell for $30-$45. Repack the bearings, then adjust them to eliminate play. Then go from there building your rag joint or sprocket adapter. Dollar for dollar, this is a good method to get rolling.
  3. Frankfort MB's

    Frankfort MB's Well-Known Member

    The Schwinn meridian is a tricycle, the wheels are different than a regular bicycle
  4. K9Kruiser

    K9Kruiser New Member

    Color me confused....the rim should be standard as well as the spokes. It is only the rear hubs that are non-standard.