Schwinn Stingray OCC Black/Chrome Custom Phantom 85 v3

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This bike is absolutely amazing to drive. Barely 10 miles on the motor thus far. About to upgrade clutch pads, spring and plate.

Custom stuffed Tannus Armor tires with slime tubes.

- 20" stingray rim with Specialized Silent Whisper tire.
- Custom built 13g spoked all steal rim front with Drum Brake Strumery Archer wheel hub (stops on the dime!)
- Salvaged chrome OEM parts.
- Phantom 85 v3
- 33t CDH Power Sprocket
- BBR Tuning Stage 2 CDI.

Im running a ported wildcat on mine now
So i did some digging on the issue with the ported wilcats. Clutch pads run out fast. The Crank bearings have no shields because it's not a 100 dollar crank trueing job. Just two holes. I have my Wildcat sitting on my counter, I'm going to crack it open and replace the bearings soon.
I was originally using the same exhuast as yours on the Wildcat and port matched it. But unfortunately mine has so much welding leaks and since the flexible tube truely isn't intactly closed it messes witht he preformance a bit. I switched over the CDHPower 88 Exhuast

You may want to consider just getting a Phantom 85 v3 and 33t sprocket like me in the future if it ever takes a dump and you don't want to go through the trouble of replacing engine parts. Phantom 85 v3 flys so much smoother at lower rpm than the wildcat! The wildcat is a little beast though!
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I came simply to the conclusion that Zane removed the bearing seals for the crank simply relying on the oil seals because the trueing of the crank isn't 100% of a job, but it's exceptional.
That's what I tell my wife when she questions the near constant stream of goods arriving at the house. "Count your blessings that I'm not into hot rods and Harleys."
Just tell her that this is "the difference between men and boys, the price of the "toys"
Last night i had a nightmare with this motor come up. The stock clutch pads seize on cold starts with the plate. I constantly had to adjust the crank arm and cable and reseat the plate. I have some extra clutch baskets with the black and white pads laying around. Also have some new pads coming in tomorrow. I suppose now it's time for swapping the pads lol.
Anybody having issues with the crap pads on Phantom 85 v3, take them out of the plate, sand them down on a flat sidewalk to remove all derbis evenly. Including the sides. Make sure you sand enough off the sides to make them float in the basket easier. Issue resolved.