Sharp Bike I saw a the Post Office Today- Beautiful Build

Risk Man

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8:37 PM
Oct 28, 2021
Southwest Florida
Beside the fact that I don't know any China Doll builders here in Collier County Florida, and I have only seen half a dozen going by the past 2 years, I walked out of the post office today and parked out front was this show stopper build. Every detail and component down to the matching accents on the 3 spoke wheels and frame were some of the best I have seen on the forums. This bike was meticulously built. Though he spoke little English, we managed to have a nice chat and exchange contact info for follow up. Check it out.


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I like how the exhaust is out of the way of the so the carb offset can be to the right side of the motor. Mine with the mz65 clone the carb off set has to go to the left side and gets in the way of the clutch arm. Not the end of the world but just more fitting and fiddling.