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    Shift Kit and Related Products » SBP-CTL001

    Left side chain tensioner and third bearing carrier. For normal installations this chain tensioner is not necessary - but with some engines and applications this left side tensioner will make it easier to tension the left side chain. The added bonus is a third bearing carrier to strengthen the assembly for those using higher horse power engines or carrying heavy loads. It will further beef up the already HD 2 stroke Shifter Kit.


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    I just happen to have the left hand side chain tensioner installed on my bike and it works to perfection; reducing chain vibration by eliminating chain slack from the acentrically machined Chinese 10 tooth engine sprocket.
    So far the tensioner has covered 2,000 kilometers (1,250 miles) with excellent reliability.

    No question about it, the additional bearing carrier on the left hand side adds greater load capacity by dividing the shaft loading over two bearings instead of one.

    My installation is the early version but the new version looks better:

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