Shipping with/without an engine?

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    Don't mean to beat a dead horse here, but most of the posts on shipping appear to be a bit old and was wondering if lately anyone has found an easy, safe and CHEAP way to ship a whizzer, with or without an engine? I've come across a few whizzers for sale, some missing an engine and some complete but unfortunately for me, the sellers don't want to go through the hassle of having to ship (take apart, find a big box,etc.) them out and would prefer to only sell for local pickup. I am planning on contacting some of the shipping companies which come up when you do a search here, but thought I'd also check and see what some of you use.
    I'm in Redwood City, CA, and close to UPS, FED EX, SFO and San Jose, so on receiving from any shipper it would be easy.
    I really enjoy this site, it's been amazing on helping me with my recent whizzer purchase and tech tips for required fixes.
    Robert Faust
    Redwood City, CA

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    That really stinks!
    If i was selling something like that, I would offer shipping.
    It sounds like these guys don't want to go through the hassle because they are lazy!
    if they really want to sell it, they would offer shipping.
    the problem is that you would have to hope that they would ship it right so it didn't get damaged during the trip.
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    That tends to be one of the downfalls for trying to sell an MB... local pickup only!

    Not so much the weight of the box it would be in, but the size of the box it is in!

    I once sold a MB to a fellow in NYC, I dismantled the bike as best I could to cut down on the size, and I still think it cost me somewheres about ~ $120 or so for ground shipping

    Within a reasonable distance, it may be worth trying to meet the buyer half way driving or such to arrange a pickup and offer him some money for fuel

    I am sure many more will chime in here, I am curious myself to see some answers
  4. RFaust

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    I can understand the reasoning for only local pickups, as it is indeed a true hassle to take apart, package and then off to the shipper with a big awkward heavy box, not a simple task and if you don't have a truck, even more of a problem. I'm not sure where I heard this but I believe I've heard mention of someone here who was able to ship a whizzer with just wrapping it in bubble wrap, which to me sounds reasonable and safe.
    Appreciate the input so far.
    Robert Faust
    Redwood City, CA
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    well to me the cost isn't the issue, since 99% of the time, the buyer pays for the shipping anyway.
    where i live, U.P.S. will come to your house and pick up bigger packages, boxes and crates so there wouldn't be a problem getting it to the shipper.
    I just think that if someone was selling something like this, they would offer shipping.
    I am an avid seller on e-bay, and I will ship EVERYTHING that i sell, no matter if it's a hassle for me or not.
    This is why i have 100% positive feedback after selling on e-bay for more than 10 years.
    making the buyer/customer happy is all part of the game, and i think a lot of people out there who are selling stuff are more worried about themselves and getting the $$ from the buyer. once they have the money, they no longer care about the customer or the item that they are selling,
    they want to make the process as easy as possible on themselves.

    they don't seem to care about the customer like they should.
    it's just good old fashioned customer service in my opinion.
    if you can't or won't ship it, don't try to sell it on the internet.
    if you can't or won't ship it, sell it locally on craigslist or a good old fashioned newspaper ad.
    again this is just my opinion.
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