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  1. augidog

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    we have a $300 (total) budget for a compressor, & we're gonna pull the trigger this week.

    i think i found a good one, but i'd like to know if anyone knows of anything better for the money.

    Dewalt 1.8HP/200PSI/15Gal

    i've read a lot of reviews on this unit...i know the CFM is a bit low, but everyone expounds on how quickly it recovers.

    our intended uses: cutoff tool, die grinder, paint, powder coating, plastic welding.

    we want new, and i don't have any wiggle-room on the price. reconditioned/full warranty for $280/free shipping...i'd sure like to hear about anything that can top this deal.

    thanks :cool2:

  2. mechcd

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    That looks like a really nice unit!

    the 5.4 CFM should be plenty for any tools.

    Just watch out for the paint guns, CFM can really narrow your choices in guns. I think the HVLP ones run around 40-50 PSI and something like 7.5 CFM. You'll get more than 5.4 at a lower PSI. The big tank should help a lot if you use the gun in short sessions.
  3. arceeguy

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    I would stay away from any compressor that has an "oil less" pump. The are designed for the home owner that will rarely use it. The problem is that the teflon seals on the piston will wear out a lot quicker than a conventional oil lubricated pump and steel piston rings.

    This Craftsman Compressor has been around for decades and will last for decades. (Check the voltage/current requirements though) Harbor Freight also has a decent selection of air compressors with oil lubricated pumps with cast iron cylinders.
  4. Mountainman

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    I also have always liked the Craftsman
    even better yet if you could find a bigger unit used for sale in the local newspaper
    many gas stations, shops -- closing down these days
    a lot of fine used tools around for a good price to be had

    ride the motor bike

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  6. augidog

    augidog New Member

    completely agree about oil-lubed vs oil-less

    it's my hope the open/belt-drive design of the dewalt will make for easier (preventive) maintenance & therefore longer life.

    we looked at exactly that craftsman as one of our choices...dang it, but the price. we need the extra c-note to buy our start-up air-tools/hose/fittings

    finding a used compressor for sale in the boonies isn't easy, what's available is old & very "crusty"...

    we also looked at this one...again, it's about the total cost:

    we need to be completely sure, we can't afford to keep buying stuff & experimenting. kevin & i talked last nite, maybe waiting a bit longer would be worth it, but it will also drive us bonkers :ack2:
  7. arceeguy

    arceeguy Active Member

    Wow, with that kind of capacity you don't need a large storage tank!
    At $299 it is a steal, but I wonder how much the freight will cost. (250 lbs!)
  8. arceeguy

    arceeguy Active Member

    Check and see what the cost of a rebuild kit is. (piston/sleeve) If they are available and reasonably priced, then maybe the DeWalt is for you. The DeWalt also has a brush type universal motor, which means occasional brush changes (no big deal) - but the advantage to these motors is that they are highly efficient and do not require nearly as much current to start up as capacitor start induction motors.
  9. augidog

    augidog New Member

    the e-bay 60gal is $150 truck freight.

    the dewalt ships free fedex...from what i've gleaned, cpo-outlets seems to be the place for great factory authorized service, it's where we bought the campbell hausfeld welder.
  10. graucho

    graucho Active Member

    Im in construction. I swear by DeWalt Quality. This compressor does have good recovery.
    The uses you stated...

    Air grinder/cut off tool, bad. The rpms suck up air fast. The compressor will stay on and the grinder will slow unless you pause. (unless you have a 30 gallon) A good old cheap electric hand grinder from harbor freight (15.00) is the cats meow.

    Paint, gun set to 35-45 painting bikes/parts very good. Airbrush pens excellent. Cars for extended use...medium (It will keep up)

    Plastic welding ? never tried.

    Good points, It comes with 60.00 worth of 2" gauges. And at your age (HA HA) it should last your lifetime.
  11. augidog

    augidog New Member

    me too, a big dewalt fan.

    very funny....if i keep smoking, it'll surely outlast me :p

    yup, 200PSI is a big selling point for us.
  12. arceeguy

    arceeguy Active Member

    Whoops - sorry for the confusion, I was referring to the compressor ratroder linked to from the surplus center. That price is a steal for a compressor that will do 8.2 CFM @90 PSI. But shipping a 250 lb. compressor could be expensive.
  13. augidog

    augidog New Member

    i missed that, too, we musta been postin' at the same time...

    and, WOW! gonna check freight costs, but "truck" is pretty pricey.
  14. arceeguy

    arceeguy Active Member

    I'm actually thinking of calling them and finding out what it would cost to ship one to NJ. That compressor must be selling for about half of its original price, and I kind of like the V-Twin compressor unit!
  15. Accender

    Accender Member

    The duty cycle of the second one,

    Would be longer than the dewalt. Just my opinion. It is twin cyclinder oil bath and made
    by a company that does NOT also make drills, toasters, sanders, paint sprayers, dog leashes etc.

    My 2 cents

  16. Revorunner

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    As Acerguy says stay away from the Oil Less Pumps. They are great for pumping up your tire on your car or truck but not what you want to use it for.

    Trust me been there done that.:grin5::grin5:
  17. oil less is marginal at best. I know several shops with them as their only compressor but they do not get heavy use. 1 guy has one dedicated to his paint booth so it only runs when he paints. some people think it isnt a bad deal to replace every couple of years.

    I will make an unusual sugestion of how I got my big compressor check your local yellow pages see if anyone repairs air tools & compressors & the like or start calling shops to see who does the repairs if anyone?

    there is a guy that used to not sure if he still does & he wasnt in phone book that repairs all air goods & rebuild them, he sold me a 4 cylinder rebuilt I-R pump for $250 then a vintage 80 gallon air tank made of like 1/4 inch plate steel for $50 it is way sturdier than modern tanks & then a 5hp industrial electric motor for $75 & then plumbed it & wired it with a new pressure switch & gauge along with a filter for another $50 & it has given me many trouble free years of service but I am not a shop but I have used it pretty hard.

    my main portable compressor is a 240 volt 6hp oil less with a 33 gallon tank & for a portable it was good I used it in back of my truck with a custom made extension cord to dryer or range plugs when I did work at friends houses. I do have 3 more compressors & 2 of them are oil bath & have many years of hard yard use.

    I have one other oil less but I dont use it, it belonged to my best friend & he let me borrow it 1 time when I needed to hook a couple small compressors together for more volume for my impact wrench & 1 compressor just wasnt enough oomph, & my truck was broke down & had to fit in my car & when I brought it back he told me to keep it in basement until he needed it & then he died a couple months later. but he had bought it at flea market & had abused it pretty bad & it still works but hasnt been used in years now but I did plug it in last year but I didnt let it build up pressure.

    a guy I known since high school has a small 1 man shop & he uses a portable oil less as his only shop compressor but he doesnt use it hard but it stays plugged in 24 hours a day & it has been used for around 5 years now it is only used for lug nuts with impact or pumping tires or blowing parts off, so besides a couple run cycles a day it probably doesnt get used but a couple hours a week.

    so with light duty they will last somewhat but heavy use dont expect alot & it would be best to get a oil bath if possible.

  18. augidog

    augidog New Member

    lots of good input in this thread...thank you all, but:

    we went with the dewalt, honestly budget being the absolute dictating factor.

    we're betting on the "light use" theory...after all, how much grinding can you do on a bicycle frame? we're not going into production, we just wanna have something going all the time.

    it's arriving next week, all the (also budget-level) tools, attachments, hose, oiler/filter, etc will be here by then.

    count on feedback, and watch how it does on the shop-cam...again, thanks for all the good info :cool2:
  19. augidog

    augidog New Member

    is it ok to hug an air compressor?

    oh geez, this baby is nice...everything you'd expect from dewalt. it's "recon" and it shows in minute cosmetic details, but it does what it's supposed to. for oiless, i see what appear to be top-notch materials & tolerances, so we hope for the best. it sounds very smooth, and if you keep in mind it's giving you 200psi, it's not loud at all...

    the 200psi cut-out & 150psi cut-in gives me a lot of run-time, and it does re-up really quickly.

    every part is listed and available, another dewalt plus.

    first impression, two thumbs up :cool2:
  20. Even though you already got something,
    I power my robotic band with the Maxxus (Campbell Hausfeld) oil less 3hp
    and it puts out mad amounts of air for such a small package at 110VAC.
    (6.2CFM @90psi)
    I love it, and it just runs and runs.
    It works best when coupled with the Smart start (unloader)

    For a full time shop it wouldn't be too good, but for the average garage, it's perfect.