Exhaust Silly exhaust manifolded(s) story. Question

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by adrian101, May 24, 2011.

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    Well about a week n half ago i took my whole motor apart to prepare it for performance upgrades. While doing this i replaced the cylinder jug gasket on the bottom of the jug. exhaust gasket and inlet gasket. I placed a new piston in and rings plus the billet head.

    yesterday i went for a ride and i'm guessing its because of the high compression head the exhaust manifolded blow off completely. Last night i placed a new one on with the wire stuff throughout it. Again it blow off.

    When i do the PSI test for compression it reads (122) which is higher then normal as the standard PSI of (115).

    I am also running it richer then people normally would.

    Question is:
    is it the richer mix that is causing the problem of blown gaskets or the high compression?

    If you run a alot of oil what will happen to the engine? can it seize from to much oil?

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    It's unlikely that the mods you mentioned would be responsible for the blown exhaust gasket. The only way would be if packing in the muffler was, like totally, impacted with raw fuel/oil mix. That's unlikely, but there is about Lloyd Christmas's chances w/ 'Gloria Swanson' !

    Actually, mufflers do benefit from periodic internal cleaning.

    Good luck