Silver Beast Hits The Road

Finished another one Saturday PM 3/8/08 80cc HT. Only put 2 miles on it. Too early to tell what bugs I need to work out. Special features are toggled kill switch from blue wire (not shorting magneto) Added front caliper brake. Added tail light, blinkers, brake light. (not professional quality, purchased from ebay. Work great though) 64 spoke wheels. Horn, 72 LED headlight. Wireless speedometer, mirror, clutch lever roller modification (designed by Large Filipino) bearing chain tensioner from dax. Quality plug wire and boot. 19 hrs. labor. 10th build, they get easier the more I do.

Please everyone, keep building and saturate the market to responsible riders. We need "power" in numbers. Its the way of the future. graucho


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I totally like the way you did that clutch mount!
That whole bike is rollin'.
Awesome work. Everything fits together really nice! Looks really comfy with that seat and those swept back handlebars.
I too like that clutch mod! Bet it operates smoother. Any other benefit with it? I often wondered what folks in Minnesota do all winter. If it's anything like Iowa, we just mark off days on the calender till spring. Very cool bike graucho, so shiney! Bet that will pull the hills quite nicely too. Have fun!
Are the blinker visable during the day?
Where did you buy them?[/QUOTE]

Yes, they are visable during the day. So is the break light. There not professional quality. They work good though for the price. 10.00 with shipping. Main reason for having them is if I get pulled over, I can say I have blinkers and a brake light and a horn. Here's a link through e-bay. p.s. all bikes are beautiful! graucho

7 LED Bicycle Turning light Brake & Night Light


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