Silver Lake Ca.

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    Mike/Mikaleno (screen name) here.

    I've already posted a couple of times, so as usual I do things a little backwards sometimes.

    Been riding and building motorized bikes for a couple of years now and I'm totally addicted. Here in L.A. we have the lamest transportation system on earth!!! Everybody sits in their cars behind everybody else and waits forever to get anywhere. The bus system is worse IMO and nobody wants to ride on it, especially me.

    So I was going to out smart them all and get a scooter a few years ago and get out of that stressful car! I ran into these motorized bikes and engines online........Hhhhmmmmmm? Hey, this makes more sense. I don't want to ride on the freeway anyways, and I don't need reg.,insur., plate, well nobody's made me yet.

    So I have my "work bike" and my weekend "OCC StingRay chopper" and I leave that **** car at home every chance I get.
    Happy ending!

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  2. Feng

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    Nice rides. Nice photos. Where the **** did you get that fat rear tire? Have you ever gotten pulled over for doing bicycle things on something that looks so much like a chopper?
  3. mikaleno

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    That's the stock tire on the OCC StingRay. Cool huh!

    Yes, I have gotten pulled over, by a motorcycle cop. He goes, "what are you doing riding that on the street"! I said what do you mean, it's got pedals and the engine under 50cc.......(really 67cc big deal). Well I left him scratching his head reading his vehicle code book in the street. Gray area indeed officer! See ya!
  4. Feng

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    Cool indeed.
  5. graucho

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    Hi Mike. Welcome to MBc!

    If you search and are unable to find your answers, don't hesitate to post your question. Someone will steer you to a link, or reply to your question. Were here for each other! Enjoy! :grin:
    You may have seen this, but here's a great MBc starter "link" to get you motoring.
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    Nice bikes! Did you ride the chopper up the hill to the observatory? (in the pic with the James Dean memorial). Did you ride from the Silver Lake area? Riding in the heart of the city must be interesting.
  7. mikaleno

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    Thanks Graucho,

    It's great to be here..............!

    "Motor Bikin', running down the Queen's highway looking like a streak of lighting!"

    "Chris Spedding"
  8. mikaleno

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    Hi, Motman

    Yes, the Observatory and Griffith Park are my favorite rides, (Jimmy likes my bike). I ride all the way to the top and that's with the 36t sprocket. I ride all over L.A. Every Mon. I ride to Culver City (28 mi.) to drop off my work, and pick up more. That's with my saddle bags loaded with metal boxes. These little engines are tough!

    Riding in L.A. is a blast, there's so much to see, and the motorized bike is the best way to do it. Never a parking problem.......!
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