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  1. BigFella

    BigFella Member

    i have a 2 stroke 80cc(what ever they are called)and its blowing alot of white smoke when i rev it

    the mixture im running is 64mils of oil to 1 litre of fuel this is my second lot of that the right amount
    on the neddle i have the clip on the 3rd notch im also running a open exhaust

    i have tryed to search but i cant find anything

    any help

  2. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    I'm not real metric,
    but my convertor thinks you are running 16:1

    thats a good break-in ratio. it's bound to smoke some. It won't hurt anything...ya night need a new sparkplug, sooner...but you'll want one anyway. (champion or ngk)
    on your next gallon... try 20:1
  3. Bronzebird

    Bronzebird Member

    Is this a new motor on the break in period?

    I have 5 cruises under my belt each at about 15 minute average. I retorq the heads after every ride and the head bolts need it! Take care on the break in and I'm running at 14:1 and have the slight vapor trail. I can only see it when someone else is riding the bike and I'm a spectator. My wife is learning to cool is that?
  4. Skyliner70cc

    Skyliner70cc Active Member

    Metric has nothing to do with the oil ratio. The math doesn't change, only the units.

    A 1000ml:64ml gas to oil ratio (there is 1000 ml in 1 liter of oil) is 1000 divided by 64 which is a 15.6:1 fuel:eek:il ratio. WAY too much oil.

    Try 32ml of oil per liter which will be a 32:1 ratio.
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