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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by possenti, Aug 7, 2009.

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    I'm working on my second build, and I wanted some smoother, quieter tires for it. Doing a quick search here, these tires seem to be good, and the price is very right...

    I still don't understand the second number in the tire sizing, and I can't seem to find the answer after searching through the tire section here. The current tires on my bike are 24x1.75 - the ones I ordered are 24x2.125. I got out my ruler last night in the garage and measured several spare tires every way I could think of, and can't figure out what this number represents. Is it the width across the tread where the tire contacts the road? Is it the size (height) of the sidewall? The distance between the beads? WTF?

    Most importantly, will they work on my bike? It's your typical Huffy/Schwinn/WongMart rim. I did find out that "decimal" measurements are different than "fraction" measurements, so I think I'm safe replacing a decimal with a decimal - even though I don't know what the heck the number stands for...

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    The second number is the read width. You won't be able to accurately measure this dimension especially on a spare that it not mounted on a rim. Watch out for the clearance between your tire and chain when trying to go with a wider tire. Cheng-Shin are basic, cheap Chinese tires but I don't know about their quality. I use Kenda (Kross or Kwick) on my hybrid Mountain Bike and am very pleased with them for $15/ea. you could also search for Specialized Armadillo which are very puncture resistant but I think only come up to 1.5". They are also $40/ea. Good luck.
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    "Wong-mart"?! That's pretty good.

    Sometimes I refer to them as "the beast of bentonville". It's a good joke, but more obscure.

    As for your question, that number must refer to the width. But I'm not sure if that's the bead width, maximum width or what. But they should fit as long as they don't rub the chain, like bseelbach mentioned.

    Good luck.
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    Basically a 2.25 is a balloon tire used on most if not all cruiser type bikes.
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    Thanks for the input, guys. I'll try to post a follow up when I get the Cheng Shins in and mounted.
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    I just recently installed these tires, (with the white walls). Got roughly 50 miles on them now. They roll just fine. I put tire liners in both the front and rear, plus also using a 5x slime tube for the rear.

    be careful when you first roll out with these bad boys. you gotta break them in, (and get the protective wax or whatever off them). I would slide in the turns on the first 10 miles or so. But now, they grip pretty good (for a road tire).

  7. DougC

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    The second number is always the tire width, but it is only an approximation because the width that the tire inflates to depends partly on the width of the rim it's fitted on--and rims come in different widths too.
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    I bet those tires last longer than a couple chains

    Wow, they are giving them away for $7, I want some now. Yeah, they are industrial type bicycle tires and should be good city slicks for a MTB or cruiser. I used Cheng Shin fractional size tires on an old 10speed (pedal) and they were very durable and likeable, but a little heavy. I think they would be commuter tires, but not any kind of race bicycle tires. Tire weight doesn't matter when you've got a motor!

    javelina1, good to hear you have tried these. I am currently using a WTB mtn bike tire (rear) and a cheap kenda 1.5 commuter tire. I have a set of Geaux kevlar 1.75 after that, but I may save them for my mtn bike if these are really good. I like the look of them (big) and they look long lasting.

    Here is the 26"x . Version. I have ordered products from Niagara Cycle Works NY before and I'm a repeat customer now. Fast shipping, good service.

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