So, on Friday...


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10:24 PM
Jan 11, 2008
Mount Vernon, Ohio, USA
the wife & I drove to the CA coast near San Diego to spend some time with friends. They were tied up the better part of the day on Saturday though, so we drove up the coast to Dana Point (40 miles south of LA) & took the ferry over to Catalina Island. Now, that's a neat place, and we had a real good time. But, we took the opportunity to rent a couple of Prima L'Eco electric motorized bikes.

I don't think I'll trade in my Staton.

The bike motor is configured as a helper. You must be peddling for the motor to kick in. Well, that in itself, was not too bad. But, the real issue is that the Prima is just -gutless-. That island is hilly. At anything over a 1% grade, the motor just bogged down so that it was NO help at all. On the flat is was... 'OK,' I guess, is the best description.

And, it really didn't help matters that the bike seatpost wouldn't tighten enough to keep the seat from sliding down. (That's just a maintenance issue, I believe.)
sounds like y'all had a cool weekend!!

thanks for the "Prima" bike report.
and they're ugly, too!!:LOL: