Sold my first bike commercially today!!!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Sgt. Howard, Jan 20, 2012.

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    Last year's 'Panama Jack' with the 48cc Grubee with the CNC carb and 'black cat' muffler, sporting the Howard Hubmount and the prototype Home Depot headlight along with the cheap chinese tail-light assembly that does brake-tail-turn-horn-annoy functions. Seriously enough, the poor guy is about to have his car repossesed and needs transportation to work... he's a janitor at my hospital. Got his hours cut without warning- others were turned loose. Expect to see more of this in the medical field. We're staveing off the loss of hs car untill the studded tires arrive- I'll be taking payment in installments.
    Huh- sell my first bike in mid-winter... who'lda thunk? As long as he gets out of it what he needs, everybody will be happy. I've given him a one-year warrenty on the thing- he says that at the price I'm charging, he'll trade it in on a new one for another warrenty... hm... I wonder if a renewable warrenty package might not be a bad idea... might have to play with some numbers here... after all, replacing 100% of the bike investment over 12 months.... works out to ... about $30 a month for parts... I'll play with this idea some more here... :army:

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    I suppose the point in posting is to solicit comments so let me say good luck with it. I would also say I hope you have some kind of bulletproof liability waver signed that absolves responsibility because a financial transaction, especially one done on a contingency basis involving installment payments and offering a warranty it would seem there will be a direct paper trail that leads directly back to you. I have read numerous reports that gas powered bicycles are of questionable legal status currently in the state of WA.
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    Okanogan County recognises these things as bicycles. People on the coast have a rough time with it, but not here. :army:
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    as for liability, at least in terms of injuries and accidents, I've seen some people sell these as "kinetic sculptures"
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    First Sale.

    Congratulations Sarge, Yer first sell always feels the best.
    I just always make sure they sign the standard waiver you see on most of the engine vender sites. You know, the one that says, in effect, you could DIE using this product but you read the waiver so TOO BAD if you hurt yourself. I just put in my name where it belongs and have them sign it. I give them a copy and keep the signed one. You can never be too carefull. I have also started adding that they should check the laws in their area concerning motorized bicycles. A LOT of wannabe motorbike sellers here tell the buyers that no license or registration is required. I almost got in a fight with one of the Santa Cruz bike shops about this. They were saying, ON their site, that all you need is a helmet, No license, no reg, no nothin. But don't get me started. People like that drive me NUTS. They are SOPPOSED to be running a business, And don't know the law?
    Anyway, Good luck with future sales. I KNOW you put out an excellent product.
    Shiney Side Up,
    Big Red.