Solution to torquing China HT engine mounts.

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    I was down in my garage piddling and thought how inconvenient it was to torque the engine mount nuts on these bike engines. The engine mount is not wide enough and the mount hole is too close to the bend in the clamp to get a good grip on the nut. The clamp gets in the way. I have a engine in my vice that I wanted to work on, and while tightening the engine mount nuts tight enough I couldn't use either a socket or a box wrench properly and resorted to a open end wrench. But with a open end wrench you can't provide the proper torque to the nut...I'm a firm believer in proper torque and can't say that enough. This cast aluminum is nothing to guess at. Same for mounting the engine properly to the tubes. I had some quality tubing (stainless steel) laying around that a friend asked me if I had a use for...didn't know what for at the time but I found a good one today. I would NOT use a piece of copper as it will crush, losing proper torque.
    1. Red arrow where the nut binds before proper torque.
    2. Dark blue arrow sleeve over engine mount stud.
    3. Light blue arrow is the tubing I cut.
    If I was installing I'd use both a washer, and either double nut or use a self locking nylon nut or both.

    ALL hardware is both upgraded to metric 8.8 (US grade 5) and held in case with lock tite 1/2 turn off being bottomed out.

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    Very nice.

    I like it.
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    Hey Al did drill and re-tap the mount from a 6mm to the 8.8mm for the mount ???!!
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    Hey I like that SS tubing also ,were do you think one might get some ??!!
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    I've seen this before, Probably from Al come to think of it. I thought it was a great solution then and still do. I didn't have any stainless laying around but I did have some regular steel tube in my junk stuff. All ya really gotta do it get the nut away from the mount some to get a socket on it. It's a simple solution that no one else thought of. Thanks Al.:likelots:
    Big Red.
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    No, all studs on my engines are the same original diameter, but of a better quality.
    Sorry the last sentence may be misleading, I was referring to the original hardware. ALL studs have been upgraded, and lock tite.
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    I used to do this with over sized nuts ground on one side so they can't spin
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    I just used allen headed screws