Engine Trouble someone please help front engine mount bolt broken inside

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by dotcom, Dec 9, 2014.

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    One of the bolts broke off on the front engine mount possibly due to an event of chain reactions. I have a harbor freight close by so I thought i would ask if anyone knows if harbor freight sells some kind of extractor for broken bolts and if it will work for this . I think the rubber from inner tube that I tried to put around the mounts to prevent some of the normal vibration shrunk over time and caused some loosening of nuts around the mount which vibrated to the point of a complete bolt in the rear mount to fall all the way out without me noticing. I knew I was starting to feel lots of extra vibration lately and I thought it was the engine,lol and today I found out why. I think what happened was once the rear bolt vibrated its way out of the casing, it caused even more vibration which caused the front bolt to break off today. Now need to figure out how to get the darn broken bolt outta there. I've heard this is somewhat common so bring only the best replies to help me out please:):) Thanks

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    Is the bolt flush with the engine casing or is there some sticking out to grab on to? If there's enough sticking out and you can get some vice grips to grab onto it that's one way. If it's flush you'll need to drill it, use a center punch so your bit will be in the center of the bolt. Either drill it out in stages starting with an 1/8th drill bit then increase size incrementally till it's gone. Or drill it out to big enough where you can get an easy out in the drilled hole.
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    it is around 1/8th inch inside, not sticking out at all
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    Bolt broken on front motor mount

    This actually happened to me a few weeks ago. Go to the hardware store (I went to Home Depot) and pick up and "Easy-out" kit. It's basically a screw that screws inside a screw. :) You just drill this screw into the bolt, let it set, and drill it out. Put some oil or WD-40 on the bolt to help loosen it beforehand, and use a hammer to lightly tap a pilot hole first. Make sure the engine isn't freezing cold, as it could strip the threads of the mount.