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    If the batteries are inside the hub, as the article claims, they'll have to be pretty efficient to give 25 miles of riding. Don't think they're going to be able to sell them for "several hundred dollars". Great idea, though.
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    I'm sure the current technology (pun intended) is a LiFePO4 battery and I'm sure they are using other methodologies to get it to extend the life, and you're right. I'm sure it's prolly about $2,000 or more.
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    Have you guys heard of the new battery technology that is suppose to become available the end of this year from a company in the Houston, TX area called EEStor? it is suppose to revolutionize all things electric, like cars, motorcycles, bikes, etc.
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    The energy of a capacitor is:

    [​IMG] EEStor is increasing the voltage (V) up to 3,475 volts.

    3,475 volts means that if that sucker breaks you are going to be vaporized. :detective:
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    For sure. Back when I messed with electronics I was working on a TV, trying to locate a "mechanical" fault and bridge it, when I dropped a screwdriver and accidentally flash discharged a very large capacitor, which went off like a bomb. Scratch one TV, and 3 days in the hospital - an 8 inch screwdiver explosively driven through your abdomen is unpleasant. I got lucky, at that - it didn't perforate any organs (how, I've no clue).

    For that matter, there is a hand grenade design that uses a "super-capacitor" with a winding of osmium wire around it, inside a fragmentation casing. Pull the pin, a delay circuit gives you a 4 second delay once you throw it, then the capacitor discharges through the osmium coil, vaporizing it and blowing the grenade to little high speed lethal bits of shrapnel.