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Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Large Filipino, May 7, 2008.

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  1. I did a search and found a Happy Time spark plug list,but no list for our 4 strokes. I notice the Titan engine is very similar in appearance to that frame mount kit(sorry,I don't remember the name. Please chime in. Was it Grube?) and I pulled the plug and found it to be particularly different in that the threads are smaller than standard.
    So I thought maybe some of you guys have experimented with plugs?
    Nothing wrong with my plug,but it would be nice if I had a spare in my tool pouch.

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    LFL, if you give me the numbers off the plug, I'll run it through NAPA's cross reference system.
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    I am using a NGK iridium cr7hix in my 4-stroke honda clone. It is specced to use the cr5hix but they don't sell that one in my local autoparts store. The cr5 sparks a little hotter but the cr7 has worked just fine for me. I noticed a definite improvement over the Chinese "Torch" spark plug that came with my kit.
  4. I found a supplier! You need to go to a Motorcycle shop to get the right plug. What's cool is that your bike just becomes a conversation starter like you wouldn't believe!

    So the exact replacement for the TORCH A5RTC is:

    It's a RESISTOR PLUG!!

    Another match to fit like vyzhion states the 7 works.


    (non resistor...I dunno about this one)


    Thanks for the offer,Van,but I had already checked all the auto part stores with no avail. I was starting to think if I found the Titan Achilles heel!

    In my area,Sun Harley Davidson carries all of the above. The shop closer to me that sells Victory bikes had the C7 and the CR7.

    I'm going on 800 miles on cronus. Barely a month old. Plug is still good but I wanted a replacement for my tool pouch.

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